WEMO launches new Panel Bending line for Steel Cabinets

WEMO has introduced a new production line for the manufacture of Steel Cabinets. The impressive PBL-2550 line enables you to produce Lockers, Filing Cabinets, Cupboards and Mobile Drawer Cabinets in astonishing speed. This efficient and versatile line is capable of more than ever. Curious about the7 added value for your company? We list the benefits.

PBL-2550: the all-rounder among the production lines

For the production of Steel Cabinets, this Line offers possibilities for various sheet thicknesses and various types of material. This way you can mix kit production with different thicknesses and types of material in one program. This enables you to produce a wide range of Steel Cabinets and meet changing customer demands. In addition, you can shorten delivery times and reduce costs per product due to world’s fastest performance.


Steel Cabinets Types Overview

The line is suitable for the following: Lockers, Filing Cabinets, Workstation Cabinets, Mobile Shelving Systems, Cupboards and Mobile Drawer Cabinets in steel and prepainted steel with a sheet thickness of 0.5 to 2 mm. And to make it complete. The high degree of automation ensures a sublime quality of your products.

The most important technical specifications among each other:

  • Speed 6 – 15 sec / part
  • Width: 70 – 1500mm
  • Length: 320 – 2550mm
  • Material type: Prepainted (stainless) steel
  • Material thickness: 0.5 – 2mm
  • Drive: Fully Electric CNC-bending
  • Produce from batch size 1

Bending Form Examples

Cabinet Systems Bending Forms


One operator for the entire production

The entire production line can be operated by just one operator. He is supported by advanced software that smoothly guides him through the operation of your entire production process. To guarantee the required operational performance throughout the entire life cycle, WEMO provides a comprehensive training program to your operator to significantly increase the output and life of your machine.

Build your production process in a modular way with great add-ons

With its countless possibilities, the PBL-2550 changes the way you work. The standardized modular structure and versatile Add-ons create a unique sheet metal production line tailored for your company. Whether your Steel Cabinets end up in a (sports) school, office, medical institution, library or museum. With this powerful sheet metal production line you can do everything you do even faster every day. From punching to bending and from welding to automatic unloading.

Add-on: Punching

Production process from Sheet to Steel Cabinet

Punching and bending of sheet metal is used when flexibility plays an important role in your production process. Think of different orders that come in through your webshop. The orders are demand-driven and often have to be produced in different variants. With the help of this module you can quickly respond to customer questions and shorten delivery times.

Steel Cabinets Sheet Metal Sheet Punching and Bending PBL-2550

Production process from Coil to Steel Cabinet

This is the best solution when higher productivity is important to you. Characteristic for this are: large production numbers, where you can deliver from stock. Side cutters in the punching station increase flexibility, eliminating the need for coil changes and increasing the availability of your line. In summary: higher productivity, flexibility and lower costs.

Steel Cabinets Sheet Metal Coil Punching and Bending PBL-2550

Add-on: Robotic welding

All panels can be produced separately and, if desired, welded together using a robot cell. The result is a welding production cell that produces continuously and yields a substantial saving on manpower.

Sheet Metal Robotic Welding For Cabinet Systems

Add-on: AGVs for automated stacking

With this add-on it is possible to set up a fully automated stacking process for your Steel Cabinets. With the help of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) panels are moved fully autonomously to the next production process. With this you realize faster presentations because no operator is needed to move pallets with a pump truck or forklift.

Steel Cabinets Sheet Metal Automated Unloading PBL-2550

Add-on: Optimal safety packed in an eye-catching design

The state-of-the-art production lines from WEMO stand for high quality, optimum ease of use and efficient production. They can also be equipped with an extremely strong noise reduction housing, easy access for maintenance work and optimum safety for your operators.

WEMO Machine Design

Add-on: Get everything out of the hardware with the right LEAN 4.0 software

With the advanced WEMO software you can simply do everything. The LEAN 4.0 software is equipped with relevant information about primary processes and the technical department as standard. Think of features such as: OEE calculation, production planning, traceability, monitoring of production parameters and so much more. Thanks to the seamless collaboration between hardware and software, and vice versa, you get the most out of this line.

Add-on: Increase your production certainty through Augmented Reality

Sometimes help is essential. Downtime is not an option. With the help of the Remote Assistance app you immediately save time and money. Thanks to the accurate cameras in the AR headset, our service employees can watch along with your operator. This allows solutions and advice to be offered very efficiently and in real time. A unique working method with which your production certainty and uptime can be guaranteed even better. With AR you can do things that you couldn’t imagine before. And this is just the beginning!

WEMO Digital Operator System

Inspired or questions? Meet the next generation production line!

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