Sheet Metal Production Line for Shelving Systems

Our sheet metal production lines produce Shelving Systems. These products can be used at large warehouses and logistics centers. Thanks to the large variety of complex and extremely strong corner joints, our sheet metal production lines guarantee maximum bearing capacity of the Shelving unit. In combination with the high productivity of the lines, we emphasize our quality and the lowest cost price per product.

Bending form Examples

High Bay Shelving Bending Form Examples

Key Benefits and specifications

  • The highest production of parts per shift
  • Starting from batch size 1
  • No changeover time due to integrated auto tool changer
  • Highest quality and lowest costs per product
  • Quick response on your customer demand
  • 6 - 15 sec / part Production speed
  • 230 - 1550 mm Bent length
  • 70 - 1500 mm Bent width
  • Steel and Galvanized steel Material type
  • 0.5 - 2 mm Material thickness
  • Fully electric CNC-bending Drive


High Bay Shelving Products

Punching - Swivel Bending- Clinching production line for Shelving Systems

High Bay Shelving Sheet Metal SheetPunching Bending Clinching Production Line

Punching - CNC Bending - Clinching production line for Shelving Systems


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