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We are continuously developing and enhancing our customer services so as to guarantee optimal operational performance throughout the entire lifespan of your production line.

We offer this guarantee through a wide range of WEMO Care services. Worldwide, fast and professional:

Elsa Buijssen
Care Manager
Inspections, maintenance and overhauls

Ensuring the optimal performance of a WEMO production line requires regular inspections and maintenance. With regular inspections and professional maintenance by our specialized service technicians, you can prevent production losses, reduce machine downtime, and extend the lifespan of your WEMO machines. 

Based on our observations during machine inspections, we will provide recommendations for necessary repairs. This may include a complete mechanical and/or electrical overhaul of specific stations or the entire machine. Our goal is to maintain the best possible performance of your WEMO production line, even after years of operation. 

Interested in what we can offer? Feel free to contact us.

Astrid Pijnenburg
Service Coördinator
WEMO Care Plan

We offer a customized Care Plan that includes inspection visits, training programs, a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with a 24-hour on-site response time, and a 24/7 support helpdesk for immediate remote assistance, which resolves 90% of errors. Our team of highly skilled service engineers travels globally and is available to visit your plant.  

With a customized Care Plan, we ensure the optimal performance of the WEMO line. Preventive maintenance minimizes breakdowns and machine failures. On a contract basis, we perform periodic inspections to assess the condition of your machines and conduct necessary maintenance. These inspections are documented in a comprehensive report, providing you with a clear overview of the recommended maintenance activities. 

Interested in the possibilities, feel free to contact me and we will prepare a suitable offer for you. 

Astrid Pijnenburg
Service Coördinator
Helpdesk support

All our customers give production the highest priority, and WEMO understands exactly what that means. That is why we offer paid helpdesk support (on subscription as 24/7 service), with skilled and experienced technicians who assist if problems arise.

For helpdesk support call us =  +31 73 640 7 660

Keep the following information ready so that we can be of service quickly:

  • Machine number (as indicated on the machine’s type plate)
  • Brief description of the problem/fault code
  • Technical support is a paid service. Enter a purchase order number if you want to pay per call and do not have a maintenance contract (Care Plan) at WEMO.

WEMO production lines are controlled by highly sophisticated software. Our specialists can log in via a secure VPN connection and gain access to this software, allowing us to perform an analysis and make a diagnosis for repairing the production line. This avoids long waiting times, which are normally associated with providing telephone support or a mechanic who has to provide assistance on site.

The highest priority for our helpdesk technicians is to ensure that your systems are soon operational again. If we are unable to establish the root cause of the failure, or it cannot be easily remedied, the operations are resumed by diversions or the implementation of other emergency solutions. The second priority is to find and solve the root cause.

For 24/7 access to our technical support service, WEMO provides a Care Plan.

Harrie Koks
Technical Support Engineer

Our staff take care of the supply of replacement parts for scheduled maintenance, their own stock or in case of emergencies.

We are always available by email and by telephone during office hours. We have skilled staff with support from the Care team, technicians and R&D to deliver you the parts needed.

Elsa Buijssen
Care Manager
Allround Field Service Engineer
Education & training

To deploy and continue to exploit the full potential of your WEMO production line, education, courses and training programmes are of great importance. Our workshops, courses, and training programmes are constantly updated to the latest situation, and they are given by our own instructors. In addition to standard courses, we offer customised training tailored to your specific needs.

Elsa Buijssen
Care Manager
Upgrades & retrofits

We understand that trade, technology and costs change over time. The average life of our machines is now more than 20 years. To ensure that our customers continue to stay ahead, in addition to maintenance and overhauls, we also offer upgrades and retrofits to improve performance and product quality, and to increase the profitability of your WEMO systems.

Thanks to the modular design of WEMO production lines, we are able to integrate new modules into an existing line. To achieve this, WEMO Care works with our technicians and the R&D department on developing (customer-specific) upgrades and solutions. Our enhancements help extend the life and improve the quality and profitability.

System upgrades

  • To align adjustments to your system with new product/process needs;
  • Retrofits to adapt the system to new requirements regarding safety/environment/ergonomics;
  • Upgrades to bring the system in line with the latest technology if the machine’s current technology is no longer supported by the market;
  • Overhauls to restore original system performance.

Process engineering

  • Advice by experienced technicians to improve the performance of the system and process;
  • Performance improvement workshops.

Performance measurements

Elsa Buijssen
Care Manager
Relocations (life cycle extension)

In our opinion, there is no end to the life span of a WEMO production line. Some 90% of our machines worldwide are still operational and we are very proud of that. Experience has taught us that the decision to sell, relocate, upgrade or decommission a system is always taken because of changing business needs and movement in the market.

If you decide to change, we can help you, as a business partner, with relocations, upgrades and overhauls, or in finding new owners who will give your old system a new life.

With relocations, it is very important to move a WEMO production line with high precision, the right materials and the necessary expertise. During a relocation, we take care of and coordinate the transport, relocation and installation in accordance with your wishes and requirements. After installation, WEMO checks the reliability and operation of the production line so that you can restart the production process without any concerns.

Elsa Buijssen
Care Manager
Overall Equipment Effectiveness > OEE and Industry 4.0

It is usually difficult to indicate how well a system performs. Our OEE software provides fact-based performance data, with various options for obtaining a better picture of problem areas and root causes. The software is standardised, the real-time information can be presented in management, technical and operational reports.

OEE is an important method to assess the extent to which machinery performs in relation to the maximum achievable. After all, WEMO production lines are purchased (and commissioned) to function. Any disruption, stoppage or quality deviation is also a loss. The OEE software makes these losses transparent, after which specific improvement actions can be taken.

Fieldlab SAMEN: Faster Adoption of Smart Maintenance Enabled Business

WEMO is participating in Fieldlab SAMEN! The objective of this consortium is to enable OEMs, service providers, asset owners and knowledge institutions to develop, scale up and commercialize Smart Maintenance in manufacturing and processing industries. By contributing and sharing knowledge products we seek to accelerate the development and increase the adoption of Predictive Maintenance solutions and benefit from the opportunities of new business, collaboration and organization models. Find more information here 


Elsa Buijssen

Elsa Buijssen

Care Manager

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