Sheet metal production lines for rocker panels

Our sheet metal production lines manufacture rocker panels with various sheet thicknesses, ranging from 1 to 5 mm. The bent tube profiles or double-bent edges result in a high bearing capacity and significant material savings. These sheet metal production lines are also adaptable to process materials with variable thicknesses. After the initial investment, tool investments are considerably lower, allowing for quick and efficient adaptation to changing market demands.

Sheet metal production line for rocker panels

WEMO sheet metal production lines create rocker panels with an output ranging from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 15 products per minute, all in any required configuration thanks to the freely programmable tube shapes. Through the use of hard tooling, WEMO ensures a 100% punch image. If needed, punches can be programmed with a second flexible punch press, highlighting the productivity and flexibility of these bending machines. Only one employee is required to handle the bent components.

Key Benefits and specifications

  • Produce the most parts per shift
  • Flexible for new product types
  • Highest quality and lowest costs per product
  • Respond quickly to customer demand
  • 6 - 15 sec / panel Production speed
  • 750 - 1300 mm Bent length
  • 300 - 800 mm Bent width
  • Steel and Galvanized steel Type of material
  • 0.5 - 1 mm Material thickness


Radiator Frame Automotive Product

Punching - Bending production line video for Radiator Frames


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