Machine Design

The WEMO sheet metal production lines stand for high quality, optimum ease of use and high and efficient production. Besides that, our production lines feature a remarkable machine design concept, boasting a modern, colorful, and exceptionally robust housing that ensures proper protection, security, and an impressive presentation.

Futuristic style, machine design

Futuristic style

This futuristic design aligns perfectly with our vision for what lies ahead—a future centered around the collaboration between humans and machines, reaching the pinnacle of production and efficiency. This ambition is articulated through recognizability, quality, style, and overall appearance.

Perfect view on production process, machine design

Optimal safety for your operator

At WEMO, safety is our top priority. Throughout the development of our production lines, safety is considered at various levels. In combination with high output production and flexibility, we are committed to delivering uncompromised quality. Entrepreneurship always involves looking ahead. For example, with the introduction of our new design a safety fence becomes unnecessary. We are constantly anticipating your requirements, everywhere and at all times.

Ultimate protection of your sheet metal production line, machine design

Ultimate protection of your sheet metal production line

Maintenance, service and operation are crucial for achieving optimal production. Nevertheless, external factors can exert influence on the production process, such as dust or dirt. This new design concept provides optimal protection for the production line, effectively shielding it against all external influences. Consequently, this will lead to a substantial reduction in failures, stoppages, or damage.

Perfect view on production process, machine design

Perfect view on production process

Seeing is believing, and this principle certainly applies to the production process. Visual assessment and analysis remain essential at all times. Thanks to the intelligent construction of our new housings, we assure you a clear view of the production process. The modular design allows for rapid and easy individual assessment of all machine components. In summary, it's a clever design.

Everything is easily accessible, machine design

Everything is easily accessible

Maintenance, service, and tool changing have never been easier with WEMO. Our intelligent construction facilitates these essential tasks, ensuring they can be performed safely on our machines. Moreover, the individually accessible components enhance safety and convenience, empowering you to consistently make a difference.