Machine Design

The WEMO sheet metal production lines stand for high quality, optimum ease of use and high and efficient production. From today, WEMO is adding an extra dimension to its machine park. Our production lines are now fitted with a fantastic design concept. A modern, colorful and extremely strong housing for correct protection, security and presentation.

wemo machine design 7

Futuristic style

WEMO is taking a step forwards, and is going to great lengths in this respect. With this unique machine design we are looking towards the future. This futuristic design fits in exactly with our ambitions for the future. A future with collaboration between humans and machines as the central theme. On to the very highest level of production and efficiency. Our ambition. Expressed in recognizability, quality, style and appearance.

WEMO Machines Design

Optimal safety for your operator

Of course: at WEMO, safety always comes first. In the development of our production lines, this is given attention at the most diverse levels. In combination with high production and flexibility, we stand for pure quality. Entrepreneurship always involves looking ahead. With the introduction of our new design, a safety fence is for instance superfluous. And so we anticipate your needs. All the time and everywhere.

WEMO machine deisign 6

Ultimate protection of your sheet metal production line

Maintenance, service and operation are crucial for optimum production. There are however external factors that can influence the production process. Such as dust or dirt for example. This new design concept optimally protects the production line against all outside influences. This will significantly reduce failures, stoppages or damage.

WEMO Machines Design

Perfect view on production process

Seeing is believing. This also applies to the production process. A visual assessment or analysis is and remains essential at all times. By the intelligent construction of our new housings, we guarantee you a perfect view of the production process. By the modular construction, all parts of the machine can be quickly and easily assessed individually. In short: a smart design.

WEMO Machines Design

Everything is easily accessible

Maintenance, service and tool changing: WEMO makes it easier than ever for you. Intelligent construction enables the necessary activities to our machines to be done safely. What is more: the individually accessible parts make working safer and easier. This enables you to always make the difference.