Automated sheet metal punching technology

Our punching machine technology offers two options, depending on your products and requirements: coil punching and sheet punching. The different punching techniques are monitored using either sensor or vision technology. Through collaborative consultation, we always select the punching technology that maximizes efficiency in your production process.

Coil punching

Coil punching is the ideal choice when you prioritize higher productivity. Our WEMO machine is equipped with side cutters, enhancing flexibility and enabling efficient production of smaller batches. This eliminates the need for frequent coil changes and increases your machine's availability. As a result, coil punching guarantees not only higher productivity but also improved flexibility and cost-efficiency.

Our stationary or NC-driven presses can be fitted with standard or special tools, available as either stationary fixtures or rotatable index multitools. To maximize flexibility, we also offer the option of utilizing coil nesting for individual batches.

Sheet punching

Sheet punching is essential when flexibility is a significant factor in the production process. The process begins with a cut sheet and is carried out using standard thick turret tooling or specialized tools. Choosing to work with different sheet sizes interchangeably offers more flexibility than punching with coil material. Furthermore, the curvature of the coil has no influence on punching tolerances.