Sheet metal production line for slotted angle uprights

The sheet metal production lines for slotted angle uprights offer opportunities for products with various sheet thicknesses (1 to 3.5 mm). Through the integration of different processes into a single production concept, these lines achieve the highest output, resulting in the lowest cost per product. Additionally, in combination with our standardized modular construction, you can easily expand your production process without incurring extra costs.

Slotted angle uprights production line

In our sheet metal production lines we can fully integrate the punching cylinder and roll-bending processes within just one production concept. This results in a high output (up to 40 metres per minute), with which we guarantee the high productivity of our lines. With our compact pre-punching tools you can easily adapt your forming process. Buffering profiles at the removal table enables unmanned operation of these lines.

Key benefits and specifications

  • The highest production of parts per shift
  • Flexible for future product types
  • Highest quality and lowest costs per product
  • Respond quickly to your customer demand
  • 2.5 - 3 sec / part Production speed
  • 292 - 844 mm Bent length
  • 250 mm Bent width
  • Steel and Galvanized steel Type of material
  • 2.5 mm Material thickness


Slotted Angle Uprights Products

Rollforming - Punching line video for Slotted Angle Uprights

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