Used sheet metal machines

Our highly automated, customized, and top-quality sheet metal machines are built to last a lifetime. However, after decades of delivering dependable production, the lifecycle may come to an end for our customers. WEMO provides a second opportunity for these valuable assets.

Emphasizing the value of rebuilt WEMO machines that support circularity and can be configured to meet your specific needs, our WEfurbished machines are crafted with the same level of craftsmanship, dedication, and attention to detail as our new lines. Consequently, we have no hesitations in offering you a one-year warranty term.

Depending on the extent of the overhaul, your investment in a WEfurbished machine typically equals approximately half the price of a brand-new WEMO machine. Despite this, it still yields the same Return on Investment (ROI), thereby enhancing your competitive performance. Explore all the benefits and our offers right here.

‘WEMO WEfurbished. Give it a second chance.’

WEMO WEfurbished; rebuilt & certified by WEMO

1-year full warranty

One inspection visit & 24/7 remote global assistance included in the first year

Customized to your needs

100% reliability for a fraction of the cost

WEfurbished and installed by our technical specialists

Short delivery time

Still produce at the lowest cost per panel

Very competitive pricing, unparalleled ROI

Lifetime support and service on demand


Unique reasons to let WEMO sell your end-of-life equipment

You will receive a higher price for the machine compared to scrapping the machine

WEMO will dismantle and remove the machine for you and will refurbish and sell it in a circular manner

WEMO knows the machine and the market better than anyone; reselling is guaranteed.

WEMO has many contacts in these markets such as prospects, local dealers, and regional sales agents.

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