About WEMO | Get to know us

At WEMO we believe in partnership and co-creation and go for the highest achievable for our customers every day. This means that we have in-depth knowledge of the markets in which you are active and that we immerse ourselves in your business case so that we can offer you a tailor-made solution which ensures that you can ‘win’. Winning within your company, from the competition, in the market in which you are active.

That is our drive; to make your company a winner.

In order to be able to deliver these performances, people are central at WEMO. Openness and performing together are essential within our culture. We offer our people self-insight, (personal) development and a vitality programme so that they grow and become stronger.

With this drive, we are a family business in the Netherlands with 60 years of experience in sheet metal processing and machine building. We develop, build and install fully automated metalworking machines for punching, bending and joining sheet metal and coil material into a semi-finished or finished product. For our customers all over the world. In this process, our customization provides the winning hand.

If a technology is needed from a third party which is part of the automation solution, we integrate these techniques flawlessly and take responsibility for the entire project as a strategic partner.

What we ultimately deliver to you is a fully automated metalworking concept that, with the lowest cycle time and highest quality, ensures production with the lowest cost per panel.

Then we are sure to make your company a winner.