Note from the CEO | About us

People at the heart of providing our customers with a machine line that exceeds their expectations

It’s not the employee, but the human being who is at the center of our work. After all, you are an employee for a number of hours of the day; you are a human 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If we at WEMO can let the people grow with the help of increased self-insight, by challenging them and providing inspiration, the WEMO employee will ultimately also benefit from this. That is why I see the results of our organization as a logical result of how well the people are doing.

Our culture is about openness; transparency and masks off. And about performance; to set the bar high in order to provide our valuable customers time and again with a machine line that exceeds their expectations. Something that we have been striving for, for almost 60 years now.

The rich history of WEMO is a valuable asset. The story of the small company that started from the barn that grew into a multi-million-dollar company also applies to us. This growth has been achieved by and with the loyal employees of WEMO. These employees have valuable knowledge that is used again and again when we design and manufacture a machine line. We obviously are determined to take good care of these people. At the same time, we are seeing a welcome increase in young talent strengthening our organization. People who dare to challenge the status quo and bring along a refreshing energy. And by definition also have other expectations of the organization they work for.

Finding the balance between these two worlds is a challenge that we take up by making WEMO the company you like to work at. Where boundaries between work and private life sometimes seem to fade, but where ‘personal space’ is always respected. Where we highly value your health and vitality and actively stimulate to improve it. Where we regularly celebrate great results together. Where the final result is key but the way to get there may be different for each individual.

All this has to be translated back to machine lines that have a lot of knowledge to let our customers win and at the same time contain a high degree of future-proofing so that our customers can enjoy the quality of WEMO for decades to come. Day in, day out, we are committed to realizing this passionately. And I am very proud of that!

Jeff Hagelen