German market leader again opts for a tailor-made metalworking machine from WEMO

In recent months, WEMO has been working on the development of a fast, precision shearing, punching and bending machine for steel door leafs with unique features. The German market leader has again opted for a customised metalworking solution from WEMO. For a long time, WEMO’s mega-long 42-metre production line was the jewel in the crown at its production site in the Netherlands, attracting proud and admiring glances from colleagues every day. The Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was a big success, which is why this showpiece machine is now being put together at the site in Germany.

WEMO’s cutting, punching, and bending machine for steel door leafs

cutting punching and bending machine for steel door parts Hörmann

The above illustration gives you an idea of what the solution is like but is not the actual solution that was purchased

Production process

A steel door is put together from two panels that between them form a set. These panels are then fed in one after the other via a multiple feed system. These panels travel through the metalworking machine as a complete set, giving this process added value, because the next step is to already apply the core (the ‘filling’) and to assemble the door. In other words, this can now all be done at the same high production tempo.

Production solution

The production line as a whole is made up of multiple metalworking stations that can automatically adjust to different door sizes and types. Both plain and painted versions of the panels can be worked by this production line without any damage.

The order of steps in the metalworking process is as follows: engraving a QR code (production date, type, etc.), customised cutting around 4 sides, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) punching of the necessary holes and corner pieces, and – as the final metalworking step – the CNC bending of the bend shapes around all the sides. This division of metalworking steps reduces your cycle time and means production tempos of no less than 4 items a minute or so can be achieved.

The final step is for these panels to be conveyed to a follow-up factory process that the customer has already put in place.

The entire metalworking process is controlled by a parent operating system, which means the process is fully automated.

We developed this cutting-punching-bending machine in partnership with our customer, which machine is now almost ready to start producing high volumes and low mixes, as well as many different components in large batch volumes!

cutting punching and bending machine for steel door parts Hörmann


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