Augmented reality: the solution for remote support and a cleaner world

Remote working is on everybody’s mind right now. The very strict restrictions on travel introduced due to the COVID-19 crisis mean that our CARE team aren’t able to visit our customers in person to carry out inspections and maintenance, fix faults and deliver training. There is extra reason to find a solution to this challenge, since it will mean we are ready to go when the next crisis comes, whatever form it takes. Another thing this crisis has made us all realise is that the air quality has improved significantly thanks to a reduction in travel. A better living environment is a great incentive to create a situation in which remote working is possible, both now and in the future. Augmented reality offers a solution here, allowing digital information to be added to an image of reality. When you put on a pair of smart glasses, you can see the normal world around you but also additional relevant information that is projected onto the inside of your lenses.

Use of augmented reality

Augmented reality can be used in a wide range of applications. In maintenance, for example. A Service Engineer with a pair of augmented reality glasses on can look at a machine and see which part needs to be replaced. One of the customer’s own maintenance employees could also wear the glasses, allowing this person to carry out the maintenance himself or herself. It’s actually an efficient way to make technical documentation accessible.

Of course augmented reality can also be implemented during the use phase. If a fault occurs, for example. If the operator puts on the smart glasses and opens the internet, our Field Service Specialist will be able to see what the operator is looking at and provide instructions. This allows a Service Specialist to work remotely and improves the response time, since travel time is eliminated.

Augmented reality can be used in the area of product development too. That could mean placing a part or a complete machine in the real world in order to test how easy it is to use and install, for example. Virtual reality could be used here too, allowing you to be placed in a completely digital world. That way, solutions can be evaluated by users in a virtual world. This often works better than a 3D rendering of an object.

WEMO Remote assistance by Augmented Reality
WEMO and augmented reality

WEMO has recently been very busy looking into augmented reality in more detail. We have purchased systems and carried out internal tests, and we now have an augmented reality system that we are ready to test with our customers. We will be using this test phase to carry out inspections remotely. We want to conduct these tests among our installed base at a very large number of different locations around the world, so that all kinds of circumstances and scenarios can be trialled.

In this initial period, WEMO will be implementing augmented reality in the use and maintenance phases. We will be working to create a situation in which our customers can access remote assistance with faults as well as the maintenance of their machines, by putting on a pair of glasses.

We are ready for future situations, to work remotely and be able to provide our customers with good support from a distance. This way we can always help our customers quickly and contribute to a cleaner world too. WEMO takes care of its customers and the beautiful planet that we are all lucky enough to enjoy together for a little while.

WEMO, bending the world into a better shape.

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