WEMO Machines pursues an intensive and proactive market approach for the German market in order to achieve further growth

Since over 60 years WEMO has been designing, building, selling and maintaining fast and flexible production lines for the processing of sheet metal for, among others, the German market. They have been doing this from their office and production facility in the Netherlands. The demand for typical WEMO remains undiminished: solutions that can fulfill the processing of sheet metal with a high output and more flexibility within a product family. To identify opportunities at an early stage and to accelerate the current growth, WEMO strives towards an intensive and proactive market approach. This has led to the termination of the current agency with Landwehr GmbH. Onwards Tom Rodenberg of WEMO will be the direct contact in these regions, as well as for Southern part of Germany. The pleasant partnership with Ing. Büro für Automation, Mr. Dirk Ahke will continue.

Since the beginning of 2019 WEMO has been using the intensive and proactive market approach, which has ensures a positive growth in market share. Looking at the large Installed Base in Germany and the growing demand for configurations to which WEMO solutions fit perfectly, WEMO recognizes high potential in Germany.

 At WEMO we want to turn our customers into winners within the challenge they face. An even more direct contact with the customer is very important in this perspective, such that we provide the customer with the solution that fits today’s demand and future needs,adds Jeff, CEO of WEMO.

 WEMO will carry out the marketing of Germany, for the area of Landwehr GmbH, directly from the head office in the Netherlands. Tom Rodenberg, Area Sales Manager, will be responsible for this.

Tom Rodenberg, Area Sales Manager, is from now on the contact person for Germany, for the area of Landwehr GmbH.

The high quality and innovative solutions we offer for the sheet metal processing industry have excellent productivity, extremely high accuracy and reproducibility within product families. A perfect solution for companies that need a good price per product, flexibility and high productivity in a demanding market,” according to Tom Rodenberg, Area Sales Manager at WEMO.

The pleasant partnership with Ing. Büro für Automation, Mr. Dirk Ahke will continue. WEMO and Dirk Ahke will further intensify this partnership, which will allow WEMO to get even closer to the customer.

The main focus of WEMO is on customers within the six sectors: steel shelf racks, steel cabinets (desk furniture) and lockers, steel doors, steel ceiling panels, steel system wall panels and electrical switch cabinets.

For more background information, please contact us:

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