WEMO expands its presence in the focus regions and explores new markets

WEMO plans to expand its presence in the focus regions. WEMO is ambitious and is exploring new markets, in order to provide the manufacturing industry there with the fastest and most flexible automated lines for sheet-metal processing too. These are the two main reasons why WEMO has chosen to reinforce the Sales Team from 1 November, with the recruitment of Tom Rodenberg in the role of Area Sales Manager.

Tom has wide and extensive experience within the metal industry. His previous employer focused on the manufacture and sale of roll-formed metal profiles. Tom had made a conscious decision to move into machine construction. Tom was already familiar with WEMO and, when the vacancy for Area Sales Manager came up, Tom contacted WEMO straight away and was full of enthusiasm. WEMO values this commitment!

Tom is also proficient in many languages. In addition to Dutch, German and English, Tom also knows Italian, French and Spanish. These are very strong qualities, which will help him and WEMO to explore the markets in other countries and to introduce them to the state-of-the-art lines that meet the specific requirements of WEMO’s customers in the market.

Within WEMO, employees and new colleagues receive detailed personal insight thanks to a talent scan. This scan showed that Tom has natural talents that will be useful in his job as customer-focused Area Sales Manager. Tom’s talents also add to the talents that the Sales Team already possesses.

With this addition to our Sales Team, we have a great asset in the form of Tom. This step is the start of WEMO’s larger and more structured presence in our focus markets and responds to our customers’ requirement for more frequent and more direct contact with the manufacturer itself. I am very pleased to welcome Tom and wish him every success but most importantly every happiness within our wonderful WEMO organisation, says Jeff Hagelen, CEO of WEMO.

Tom will be focusing on the German market and will turn to Italy, France and Spain in the long term.  There is a lot of demand in these markets for the high level of automation that WEMO offers. WEMO therefore sees a successful, educational and above all enjoyable career ahead for Tom.

For further background information, please contact:

Cynthia Jansen, Marketing & Communication Coordinator
+31 (0)73 640 7610

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