Strategic partnership of WEMO and AWL in the Electrical Enclosures and Distribution Cabinets Industry

WEMO and AWL have a unique value proposition for manufacturers active in the Electrical Enclosures and Distribution Cabinets Industry. The two Dutch companies have entered into a global strategic partnership to further automate flexibility and productivity in the manufacturing process, for their customers. 

AWL and WEMO still notice a lot of manual labor and batch production in the Electrical Enclosures and Distribution Cabinets Industry. Productivity can still be improved much more, both companies know this from experience. Based on proven technologies and successfully realized projects, they make this unique production concept for processing sheet metal available worldwide. 

WEMO’s production solution ensures sharp bend tolerances. The sheet can then be transferred to AWL’s accurate laser welding solution. This eliminates the need for post-processing, resulting in a much faster production process. With this solution WEMO and AWL guarantee the most efficient and fastest production process for a perfect end-product and at the same time unit costs are reduced. 

From coil to steel cabinet: a perfect synergy of these two companies that together are greater than the sum of parts. 

On our shared campaign website, you can find more information about the cooperation, the concept, interview with the CEOs, interview with technical colleagues and a peek behind the scenes of the successfully realized project at ABB Striebel & John.   

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