Behind the Scenes – Peter Groenendaal

‘’WEMO feels like a second home.’’  


Name: Peter Groenendaal  

Working at WEMO since: 3 January 1983 

Function: Team Lead Assembly 


On January 3, 1983, Peter Groenendaal (pictured left) began his impressive career at WEMO, now as the head of our assembly department. He played a crucial role in assembling numerous machines in the field and is likely a familiar face to many of our customers. With 41 (!) years at WEMO, he has been an integral part of our company for 2/3 of WEMO’s existence. For the past 11 years, his son, Rick (pictured right) , has also been with us as a project mechanic. Both are responsible for machine assembly, team leadership, schedule management, assembly machines in our factory (FAT), and at the customer’s site (SAT), etc.  

What does WEMO mean to you? 

WEMO feels like a second home to me. 


Why did you choose WEMO 40 years ago? 

I was seconded to WEMO for six months from my previous employer because WEMO had a substantial workload at that time. During that period, I found less satisfaction in my current job. Hence, I asked Sip Hoekstra if I could join WEMO. His answer was straightforward: ‘How quickly can you come work with me permanently, rather today than tomorrow!’ That’s when I chose WEMO, and it was the best work-related decision I’ve ever made. 


What are the highlights of your career at WEMO? 

  • The rapid growth of WEMO during the first 10 years. 
  • The expansion from the Dommelstraat building to Javastraat. 
  • The beautiful new location in Maaspoort. 
  • The 25th anniversary of WEMO. 
  • Collaborating with Sip Hoekstra, Jan Oving, and Bertus van Beurden. Fantastic people. 
  • The mighty machines were a highlight each on their own, both at WEMO and on-site (although they occasionally brought some headaches 😊). 
  • The overall picture: my time at WEMO is and has been a major highlight in my life! 


Why is WEMO still an enjoyable employer after so many years? 

I can’t imagine being without WEMO, and I have a huge WEMO heart. 


What makes the work environment at WEMO unique according to you? 

WEMO has a clean and well-equipped hall with all the facilities you need. We always work on new machines, and as the assembly department, we always strive to bring out the best in each other and out of the machinery. 


How have relationships between colleagues grown over the years, and what role does teamwork play in our company? 

As far as I’m concerned, relationships between colleagues are very good. Of course, everyone has preferences, and I have mine too. I believe that in every company, there are colleagues you get along with very well and with whom you’d like to have a drink, but there are also those you prefer not to interact with too often. Teamwork plays a significant role in our department: 

  • We always need each other; you can’t do everything alone, especially with such machines. 
  • Being on-site at the customers, you are often abroad with several colleagues for an extended period of time. It’s important that you have a pleasant time together during the day and, not to forget, in the evenings or on weekends when you are away from home. 


A remarkable career, with a few more beautiful years to come! Peter, thank you for your dedication and commitment, here’s to a few more great years. Interested in working at WEMO? Check out our vacancies here.

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