Brabantia purchases another sheet metal punching machine to produce a new line of rectangular bins

As of June, Brabantia has a new WEMO punching line in production at the production facility in Overpelt, Belgium. Conversations about this project started in 2020. At that time, Brabantia was developing a new product. The expectations for that product are high, so extra capacity is needed.

WEMO has worked with Brabantia since 2015, when WEMO developed a punching solution for Brabantia’s rectangular trash bins. That solution called for a specific speed and a process in which plates had to be produced in matt black, brushed stainless steel and glossy chrome steel without any blemishes or scratches on the material. This is highly sensitive material, and even the slightest damage is unacceptable on the visible side of the end product. There wasn’t room in Brabantia’s budget for a whole new line. And that is why WEMO developed a concept with a used, refurbished sheet metal punching machine and turning station used with new machine parts. This was completed and installed in 2016.

Rectangular-bins Brabantia

Conversations about the new punching line continued in 2021. A combination of new and used was not an option as there were no used punching stations available. As a result, the solution became more costly, but Brabantia already had several years of experience with the WEMO process and the technology, and knew that the speed, quick switch times, high machine availability, and zero loss of product would ensure a very good payback period.

In the meantime, the first completed line was equipped with a shuttle system that can service the different rolling shutter cover bending machines. The WEMO punching machine supplies the punched plates to the CNC rolling shutter cover benders. With the high output of the WEMO punching machine, we opted for an automated shuttle system.

Since the first project with WEMO, we have a lot of faith in the partnership and the solutions WEMO offers. I like working with WEMO. We have open and clear communication, we all honour our commitments and we’ve hardly had any disruptions or errors on the punching machine. WEMO brainstorms along with us, and is creative. With them, we at Brabantia have a production solution that best meets our expectations.
Dirk-Jan Daams, Engineering Manager at Brabantia

The unique properties of the new WEMO punching line are its speed, the punching without any damages and WEMO flexibly connects the punching solution to 3 CNC rolling shutter cover benders in the process. That achieves the capacity we need with 1 WEMO punching machine, we have a great Return on Investment and we keep loss of product due to damages to a minimum.

Sheet metal punching machine for Brabanti

It’s great that Brabantia is also keen on a long-term partnership. That is something that we at WEMO strive for and do everything we can to achieve.

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