WEMO Panel Bender Solutions

A panel bender: the automated solution for flexible, medium-to-high output production. Our panel bending line integrates our advanced CNC bending technique, offering a high level of flexibility within the bending shape. You can create more complex shapes due to the product clamp that pushes the product into the bender. Theoretically, the panel bender can produce triangular and pentagonal products in addition to square and rectangular ones, but in practice not all shapes are used. 

Automating the process ensures the production of high-quality and consistently precise products. The automated clamping beam changeover enables the panel bender to produce both larger and smaller series efficiently. 


Check out this video of our CNC bending technique:

The WEMO panel bender is based on a standardized module. In addition to these standardized modules, WEMO offers customized options to meet specific customer requirements. Configuration of the panel bender is done in collaboration with the customer, ensuring a tailor-made solution completely aligned with the customer’s needs. If customer-specific requirements involve third-party technology, WEMO seamlessly integrates this technology and takes full responsibility for the entire project as a System Integrator.


The modular design allows for future adjustments, wherein modules can be switched or added based on changing requirements. This flexibility eliminates the need to replace the entire production line, resulting in significant cost savings in the long term. In addition, it enables your production to adapt easily to market demand or changing product specification.


When the panel bender completes its lifecycle at your facility, WEMO extends a second opportunity for these valuable assets through our reputed division, WEFurbished. Embracing a sustainable approach, this initiative ensures the repurposing of valuable assets, eliminating the need for disposal. Your WEMO solution can truly transform and evolve sustainably into the future.


Check out a WEFurbished Solution:  

This panel bender has an average of 60 seconds per sheet. The clamping beam arm on the machine rotates the pre-painted steel, pre-coated steel, stainless steel, aluminum, sheet after every bend, requiring four rotations and thereby increasing the cycle time.


However, WEMO is the industry leader in panel bending lines. Our fully automated production lines execute different techniques over separate stations, eliminating the need to rotate the product and significantly reducing the cycle time to as low as 6  seconds per sheet, depending on the product. An automated panel bender production line not only provides unmatched flexibility but also delivers an ultra-high output, maintaining precision, repeatability, and an impressive +95% uptime. And zero human mistakes 


See an example of such a solution:  

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