WEMO Nederland BV and Leeport Metalforming Machinery Limited join forces to grow WEMO distribution in China

As per May 2023, WEMO Nederland is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Leeport Metalforming Machinery Limited, a renowned metal forming equipment distributor in the Chinese market, based in Hong Kong. This collaboration will enable WEMO Nederland to enhance its presence in the Chinese market and further establish itself as a global leader in the industry. 

Leeport will operate as the distributor of WEMO’s machinery in Hong Kong. With over 50 years of experience, their extensive network and expertise in the region, Leeport will offer a seamless experience for current and future customers in China. 

Leeport Metalforming Machinery Limited is a key player in the Chinese market for well over five decades now. They provide manufacturing technology and bending/punching/laser solutions that help their customers become more productive, competitive and profitable. Their product range is so extensive that we are able to serve all segments of the manufacturing industry. By partnering with WEMO Nederland, Leeport compliments her portfolio with WEMO’s high productivity and yet still very flexible automation solutions. 

China market is one of the most important market for sheet metal machinery in the world. Leeport has long time selling experience in China. The product of WEMO should be a valuable choice for the customers. The advanced technology and production solution of WEMO would enhance the competitive edge of customers. We have confidence that the partnership of Leeport and WEMO in China will have a very bright future.

Mr Sa Wai Keung, the director of Leeport Metalforming Machinery Limited added. 

WEMO’s cutting-edge machinery solutions are renowned for their precision, efficiency, and reliability. Their state-of-the-art technology empowers manufacturers in the industry to optimize their production processes, reduce costs, and enhance overall productivity. With a focus on innovation, co-creation and continuous improvement, this new partnership is very exciting for both companies.  

This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for both of our companies. We share the same drive and passion for technology, as well as a very customer-centric focus. The Asian market and more specifically the Chinese market has always been very valuable for WEMO. With this partnership we pave the road for the future ahead of us, aiming to help more Chinese companies optimize their productivity with a WEMO solution, offered and serviced by Leeport.

Jeff Hagelen, CEO, commented on the partnership.   

The collaboration between WEMO Nederland and Leeport is an important step in expanding market reach all the way to China, as well as unlocking new opportunities in the tailor-made machinery sector. Together, the two companies will work towards empowering manufacturers in China with advanced technology and exceptional service, driving development and advancement. 

I’m excited to see companies I’ve known for a long time to work together in this very important market. WEMO and Leeport have a long history in their own field, WEMO building machines and Leeport selling those to China. I’m looking forward to starting soonest possible to get more of these great machines to help Chinese customers.

Veikko, WEMO’s Vice President Business Development for the Asian market, added lastly 

For more information about Leeport, please visit https://leeport.com.hk.  


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