WEMO launches its new house style

At WEMO, we turn our customers into winners. Every day. We set the bar high – very high! Champions League level – that’s what we want to achieve. That naturally involves having a strong WEMO brand too. Because strong brands are more successful, distinctive, and recognizable. A great challenge that we’ve been working on over the past 2 years and a result that we’re very proud of!

Creating a brand strategy for WEMO – that’s what we’ve been working hard on for the last 2 years. To do this, we started collecting input from our colleagues, customers, and agents, because they have an image of WEMO, experiences with WEMO, and a certain feeling towards WEMO. That is why we sat down with them to talk about this. This valuable input formed the starting point for working out everything relating to brand identity and brand positioning. For the brand positioning, we had a very agreeable brand value session with Teun from Juist. We could then get started with the brand house style – the visualization of the WEMO brand such as logo, colors, fonts, etc. This was developed by Donan from Lemone. The final result of his work was a very valuable brand guide.

With this data to hand, we started brainstorming about the launch of our new house style. We naturally wanted to do this in a WEMO-worthy way. Since our brand values are the most important part of our brand strategy, we wanted to draw attention to them. We could do that ourselves and put it in a very nice PowerPoint presentation, but that doesn’t really fit our brand. That’s why we asked our colleagues to tell us more about our brand values. With a very cool brand value video as a result. We showed this during the launch of our new house style.

What we also found important for launching our new house style was the fact that we help our colleagues – who are our most important brand ambassadors – to be able to promote WEMO in the right way.

Yes, and how did that launch of our new house style go? See for yourself how we did it. In any case, we are PROUD! MEGA PROUD!

Written by: Cynthia Jansen

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