WEMO expands its strategic market presence, by assigning Amit Upreti as VP Business Development for the Indian market.

As of February 1st, Amit Upreti has joined the WEMO Sales team for WEMO Special Projects. Amit has 10+ years of experience in high-end sheet metal fabrication solutions and will be responsible for further business development and expansion in India. We are very pleased with the arrival of our new colleague, whose knowledge, experience and energy is exactly what we need to expand our presence in the Indian growth market.  

WEMO identifies a huge potential in India. The country is experiencing economic and demographic growth, which means there will be more demand for a variety of steel products like steel doors, electrical enclosures, elevator panels, shelving systems, dish washers, refrigerators and much more. Many WEMO customers also established manufacturing facilities in India 5 to 10 years ago and now want to upgrade their manufacturing facilities by moving away from stand-alone machines and meet demand with automated sheet metal bending and punching lines from WEMO.

The companies simply want less dependency on manpower and more automation to realize higher output and thus a much better price per panel or product. India is one of the best choices, as it has many favorable conditions like a well-educated labor force, economical raw material and high-end technology.

Amit Upreti brings a lot of experience to the table. He was born and raised in India and has successfully worked for the past 10 years at a manufacturer of less technologically advanced stand-alone bending solutions as National Sales Manager.

The solutions provided by WEMO are unique & no other solutions have such productivity. WEMO has great propositions to offer and I am excited to be their ambassador

Amit Upreti, Vice President Business Development, India 

The WEMO Special Projects division will create tailor-made solutions which perfectly fits automation needs. The WEMO production lines realize production with the lowest cost per panel due to extremely fast cycle times and ultra-high output, yet maintaining flexibility and if required, batch-size-one production. With a WEMO solution you reduce operator dependency to a bare minimum and guarantee excellent quality, precision and efficiency. 


“With our assignment of Amit we acknowledge the importance of our presence in the great Indian market. Our company philosophy and product technology match with what the country needs. I am thrilled that Amit will lead the way for WEMO in this exiting journey”

Jeff Hagelen, CEO  

WEMO Special Projects is a family business in the Netherlands with 60 years of experience in sheet metal processing and machine building. We develop, build and install fully automated metalworking machines for punching, bending and joining sheet metal and coil material into a semi-finished or finished product. For our customers all over the world. In this process, co-creation, partnership, customization and production at the lowest cost per panel are the success factors that increase the competitiveness of our customers and ensure the winning hand!  


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