WEMO DEMO DAYS, bending your product live on our panel bending line.

In September and October WEMO organizes the WEMO DEMO DAYS. During these days prospects and customers are getting the opportunity to have their product bent live by the WEMO Panel Bending Line (PBL). Here we can show you that our Panel Bending Line achieves a very high output and quality and low cycle times. The result is production at the lowest cost per unit. We further underlines this with the recently developed WEMO ROI-Model. With this we are able to zoom in on your specific business case and gives, among other things, a reliable insight into the payback period in years.


There’s more… See for yourself how the WEMO production lines are developed and understand why ourcustomers speak so highly of the high quality. Get more information about after sales opportunities and gain insight into how our service and standard modules, which are easily expandable, ensure that WEMO-production lines can produce for over 30 years and grow with our customers’ future. Attendees will also receive a unique DEMO video of the product being bent on the WEMO Panel Bending Line.

‘Any significant investment requires trust. We can tell everyone that WEMO is a reliable partner that provides automated production lines that realize the highest output and quality at the lowest unit cost, but we’d rather show you with our own eyes. At WEMO in the Netherlands. It’s also the chance to experience our culture, to feel that we believe in partnership and strive every day for the highest achievable performance for our customers,’ sais Jeff Hagelen, CEO of WEMO.

Your personal and virtual WEMO DEMO DAYS can be booked here. You can also find more information here.

WEMO likes to prove that we will bend your world into a better shape. So that we will make you a winner. Sign up!

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