VEPA buys the new PBL-2550

Finding the right production solution is a critical step for growing businesses. Recently, Vepa faced this challenge and took a step in a renewed collaboration with WEMO. Vepa’s existing bending line no longer met the company’s technical and capital requirements. Continuous growth in demand led to capacity problems, highlighting the need for an immediately available solution. At the exact right moment, WEMO presented an attractive offer: a new WEMO PBL-2550 that with some modifications could be installed right away. This proved to be the exact solution Vepa was seeking for. 

Vepa, the furniture factory. Working with satisfaction is what they are committed to: for their customers, their employees, and of course, their suppliers. Ergonomics, design, sustainability, social responsibility, living environment, and good governance are the pillars on which they build. That’s how they contribute to the health and well-being of people in their work.


Vepa was already familiar to WEMO under the name Drentea. Vepa and Drentea – two Dutch office furniture companies – merged in 2020 to form a single company under the name Vepa. Over the years, Drentea has purchased several lines from WEMO, and the latest line (2023) marks the most recent purchase since the last line acquired in 2012.


In contrast to WEMO’s usual scenario, where a customer provides a product, and WEMO builds a unique solution for it, the already built PBL involved an existing production line with specific specifications. Vepa evaluated their product portfolio to identify the high-volume products that could be bent on the PBL-2550 WEMO had on stock. With only minor adjustments, the WEMO machine was able to produce these products. 


The production line has brought so much efficiency and increased output that Vepa is now considering producing more products on the line, particularly smaller batch production.” 


Vepa is a committed company that greatly values the involvement of its operators. Due to previous experiences with a similar line that weren’t optimal, Vepa wanted to ensure that the operators were actively involved in the process of buying and installing the new WEMO line. WEMO demonstrated the machine live in-house in Den Bosch and there the trust was felt that a smooth transition would be ensured. 


The results so far have been very promising. The WEMO production line is meeting the previously set targets. Although the production line was initially tailored to a limited number of high-volume products, the production line has brought so much efficiency and increased output that Vepa is now considering producing other items on the line, specifically looking into the production of smaller series. 


The relationship between Vepa and WEMO, that dates back to the 80s, is built on open communication and understanding of each other’s needs. Together they worked to overcome challenges to realize a production process that met Vepa’s requirements. 


Vepa’s success story underlines the importance of a customized approach, close collaboration with our customers and the sustainability of our production lines. Vepa has achieved their production goals and significantly improved the efficiency of their production process. We are grateful for Vepa’s trust and look forward to continuing our collaboration in the years to come! 


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