OORAH!! Strong Viking Water Edition 2021

Finally! Our WEMO Vikings finally felt that Viking feeling this past Saturday. They were unstoppable; fears were overcome, boundaries pushed, every obstacle was conquered. If anyone had any trouble, they helped each other out, all the way until that magical feeling of ‘victory’ at the finish line. Such energy! And such fun. It was an amazing day!

SAY OORAH, they shouted at the start of the track of the Strong Viking Water Edition 2021 in Wijchen. The organisation had to cancel everything for over a year and a half. But our Vikings kept on training during the Covid period, because training together is much more fun and a very effective way to keep fit. And so last week they were at it again, on a gorgeous summer’s day. Yeah!

Climbing walls, storming castles, rolling around in the mud, more rolling around in the mud, swinging over the water, hanging, braving the cold, running, carrying each other, you name it. Together, they help one another overcome obstacles – literally and figuratively. Because our rule is: no Viking is left behind.

The main idea is that we do it together, and the energy and effort we share really unites us – Jeff


Our Vikings had an amazing day. The atmosphere, the adrenaline, achieving this great feat with your colleagues as a team outside of work is really awesome. Alternating between obstacles and running makes participating in a Strong Viking run a fantastic experience.

Toughing it out there together after such a long time, and having fun during an intense workout. That’s magic! – Janneke

Our WEMO Vikings train together twice a week. One bootcamp session and one circuit training. That keeps them fit and gives everyone more energy! They set a shared goal and then work up to the Strong Viking run. They love exercising together. That way, they also get to know each other in a different way during the runs and the training sessions. As a result, it’s that much easier to walk over to someone when you have a work-related question at the office or in the factory.

The goal you set for yourself and together as a team is such a good trigger to keep exercising and stay healthy. And this is the fittest I’ve ever been! – Brit

And that feeling when you cross the finish line. It’s euphoria and pride all wrapped into one. It’s just magic! On to the next Strong Viking run, OORAH!!

Vitality and exercise at WEMO

Our colleagues exercise together on Mondays and Thursdays. Colleagues can also make unlimited use of the gym around the corner. A yearly cold experience, workshops about nutrition and chair massages are also included in the programme. That way, WEMO works on increasing sustainable deployment and vitality among its employees. Exercising together is fun: there is no hierarchy, and it provides a goal you can work towards together.


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