Innovative Presentation WEMO at the Euroblech 2016

WEMO presented itself in a striking way at Euroblech 2016 in Hanover. WEMO placed a real promotion trailer in the middle of its stand, as a Mobile Experience Centre. A great eye-catcher. In the WEMO Mobile Experience Centre, visitors could discover two high-profile innovations in the area of sheet processing.

Innovative presentation

WEMO chose a unique presentation with the trailer. Instead of showing machines, the choice was made to focus on product recognition among customers. The whole trailer was decorated with the new Machine design by WEMO. With this unique machine design, we are looking ahead. The futuristic design fits perfectly with our ambitions for the future.  A future in which cooperation between people and machines is central. We are on our way to achieving the very highest level of production and efficiency. Our ambition. Made reality through recognition, quality, style and look.

WEMO At The Euroblech 2018

WEMO Mobile Experience Centre

The WEMO Mobile Experience Centre brings end products to life, demonstrates interactive product lines and shows videos of various machine ranges. During this trade fare, visitors to the WEMO stand also had a chance to discover a real world premier; the digital workplace…the WEMO Operator System. Here use is made of smart glasses and the power and possibilities offered by Mixed Reality technology. WEMO is also launching a new design concept for the production lines at the stand. Modern, colourful and very strong.


WEMO Operator System

Through the new WEMO Operator System, WEMO makes use of Mixed Reality technology. Through the smart glasses, relevant holograms are projected in the real world. In this way, a digital workplace is created. Through a simple application, the operator gains direct access to data that makes a major efficiency improvement in the field of analysis, processes and maintenance.

WEMO Shows Digital Operator System At The Euroblech 2016

Multiple purposes

Through the user-friendly application, the operator has access to instructions such as maintenance protocol, lubrication schedules and handbooks for tool changes etc. All tasks are made clearer and more reliable. In short: the operator can carry out tasks without support from others, such as the in-house technical department or the WEMO Service Department.

WEMO Digital Operator System

New machine design

The WEMO production lines stand for high quality, optimal ease of use and high and efficient production. Since the launch at the trade fair, WEMO has added an extra dimension to the advanced machine fleet. The production lines have been provided with a fantastic design concept. A modern, colourful and very strong housing for the right protection, safety and presentation. This machine design was presented in a creative way as the trailer was decorated according to the latest look and feel of the WEMO machines.

WEMO Machine Design

Innovation boost

A trade fair, an intelligent stand, new concepts and WEMO. The result was clear. Very large numbers of customers, suppliers, agents and contacts were welcomed to the WEMO stand. At the stand and in the trailer, people could get to know the various different branches of WEMO in an interactive way.  From Electrical Enclosures, Automotive, Shelving Systems and Steel Door Frames to Steel Cabinets and Elevator Landing Doors.

In addition to numerous positive reactions, various appointments were also made for further introduction to WEMO’s activities, machines and innovative services. In short: WEMO looks at the opportunities and possibilities of the future with full confidence. 

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