High-production bending gets flexible

Automated Panel Bender machines, as offered by numerous manufacturers, exhibit remarkable flexibility. However, an automated Panel Bending Line not only provides flexibility but also boasts the highest panel bending output in the industry, all while maintaining precision, repeatability, and an impressive 99% uptime. These insights were shared by our colleague, Werner van der Burgt, in his interview with Tim Heston, the editor of The Fabricator magazine—an esteemed publication within the American metal fabrication industry, offering valuable information on news, insights, technology, and products.

The article delves into the evolution of sheet metal forming, focusing on various bending techniques suited for achieving high output per minute:

  • CNC bending; A unique and flexible approach to bending, combined with high production speeds.

  • The Coil Punching Center and Sheet Punching Center: Both lines facilitate rapid punching, with the punching pattern setup being freely programmable.

  • Swivel bending: This technique offers versatility in bending operations, allowing for complex geometries and intricate shapes to be formed efficiently. It is particularly valuable when precision and flexibility are paramount in achieving desired sheet metal designs.

  • Variable Radius Bending Machine: Designed especially for the lighting industry.

  • Corner Forming unit: This innovative unit allows for the production of closed corners in pre-bent blanks of varying sizes, eliminating the need for welding and post-processing.

  • Roll Bending and Pressing: The Roll-Press-Brake machine combines two distinct processes (rolling and edging) within a single machine, resulting in enhanced product quality and reduced internal logistics, leading to lower stock levels..

The article also discusses the modular structure of Panel Bending Lines, enabling the addition, rearrangement, and redesign of stations without necessitating a complete teardown. This modular approach can be likened to adding another piece to a larger LEGO® set, allowing for the creation of tailored sheet metal products in a constantly evolving world. Lastly, the article touches upon the transition from batch production to kit-based production, emphasizing that while it is not without challenges, it is certainly achievable.

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