High-production bending gets flexible

Automated Panel Bender machines like being offered by many players are flexible. But an automated Panel Bending Line offers besides flexibility also the highest output in panel bending world without losing accuracy & repeatability and with an uptime of 99%. This is a glance of what our colleague Werner van der Burgt shared in his interview with editor Tim Heston of magazine The Fabricator, the American metal fabricator’s magazine that guides to news, insights, technology and products.

The article is about the evolution in sheet metal forming. About the different bending techniques that can be used when a high output per minute is required:

It is about the modular structure of the Panel Bending Lines whereby stations can be added, rearranged and redesigned which would not require a complete teardown. It would be like adding another LEGO® piece to the larger whole. And so you can make the right sheet metal product in a world that is constantly changing. Finally they talked about changing from batch-production to Kit-based production and the fact that it is not easy but for sure not impossible.

teel Cabinets Sheet Metal Sheet Punching and Bending PBL-2550

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