In 2019, after several directors, Jeff Hagelen was appointed as CEO. Paul remains active as owner and shareholder, focusing more on sales in countries such as China and Dubai. WEMO is expanding its geographical focus. In addition to the current focus on the Benelux and Germany, attention is also being directed towards other European countries and countries outside Europe.

WEMO is continuously evolving as a manufacturer of fully automated machines. Various new technologies are developed internally or integrated as a system integrator. Technological developments include:

  • The corner pull unit, which can produce closed corners on any pre-painted plate of arbitrary size, making welding and post-processing unnecessary.
  • The roll-bending machine, a combination of two different processes (rolling and bending) in one machine, resulting in better product quality and less internal logistics (fewer intermediate stocks).
  • CNC bending, a unique flexible way of bending combined with high production speed.
  • The coil and sheet punching line that enables fast punching, with the setup of the punching pattern being freely programmable.
  • The WEMO Panel Bender, a market-specific production line configuration that is 5.5 times faster than the average bending unit. For steel doors, printed doors, pre-painted doors, shelving system wall panels, ceiling panels, elevator panels, lockers, automotive, cabinets, wall panels for cruise ships, wall panels for cleanrooms, etc.
  • WEFurbished, fully refurbished WEMO production lines. After decades of reliable production, the lifecycle of our lines may come to an end. WEMO offers a second chance for these valuable assets. This is the pinnacle of circular economy in our industry.
  • Robotics, WEMO offers various robotics applications, including input, output, transport, turning, manipulation, and much more.


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The production lines are unique, custom-made for the customer, and have no limits. Where others stop, WEMO continues. Production lines have the highest cycle times in the market, with a lifespan of 20+ years. Our automation solutions make manual labor redundant. We are your partner for your Factory of the Future.


This was the final chapter of The Road to 60 Years. Thanks for tuning in!




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