Fieldlab SAMEN: Faster Adoption of Smart Maintenance Enabled Business

WEMO Nederland B.V. is participating in Fieldlab SAMEN! The objective of this consortium is to enable OEMs, asset owners, service providers and knowledge institutions to develop, scale up and commercialize Smart Maintenance in manufacturing and processing industries. By contributing and sharing knowledge products, such as assessments, blueprints, modules, roadmaps and whitepapers, we seek to accelerate the development and increase the adoption of Predictive Maintenance solutions and benefit from the opportunities of new business, collaboration and organization models.  

FieldLab SAMEN & WEMO 

Together, we identify the barriers of the application and implementation of smart maintenance, smart asset management and smart services and develop, test and validate solutions and tools within Living Labs, pilot environments within industry. This is facilitated, guided and monitored by project leaders from industry and science, whose expertise is shared through a growing body of knowledge products which are made accessible via a World Class Maintenance desk. For more information click here. 

WEMO will be focusing more on Predictive Maintenance and the development of related software and services. There is a growing awareness among sheet metal fabricators to reduce unscheduled downtime and to optimize the uptime of their production lines, as part of their efforts to increase the Return on Investment (ROI). In the past, WEMO Customer Care has run several Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) pilots, working with customers and software partners to co-develop and deploy predictive maintenance services. WEMO now teams up with Project SAMEN to accelerate the development and increase the adoption of a growing suite of tools and services to support its customers.  

Under the umbrella of the World Class Maintenance Consortium (WCMC), WEMO is starting up a micro project, with the intention to scale it up in an evolutionary manner. The project first develops a Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) Maturity Model, a roadmap for developing Predictive Maintenance and the services required in the factories of our customers. It provides a method to determine exactly what is needed to start measuring and monitoring in order to successfully apply and implement Predictive Maintenance. Next, the project will employ a Value Calculator to determine savings options which customers can achieve to reduce maintenance costs, production and sales losses, based on the same Condition Based Maintenance approach.  

For WEMO, the project has four distinct goals: learning from machine data, creating a proactive environment for developing services and reinforcing cost efficiency for the customer, while ensuring proper asset management. WEMO’s focus will be on proactive maintenance and monitoring of the operational Roller Press Brake (RPB) to advise and educate the customer during the complete lifecycle of this great asset. At the same time, WEMO will build knowledge and generate information from data to create value for its customers.  


Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) refers to the “effective utilization rate of machines”. This is an international standard that measures the actual performance of machines or production lines during production, compared to their nominal capacity. OEE measurements provide insight into machine improvements and other process related optimization options. 

OEE is based on three aspects of a production line, where gains and / or losses can be identified: machine availability, performance or production speed and quality of the production output. These factors are expressed in percentages and multiplied to an OEE score. OEE scores provide valuable insight and an accurate view of how effective a production process is running. In addition, it becomes easier to monitor the effects of improvements in the processes over time and adjust them where necessary.  

 The three aspects at a glance: 



An OEE score of 100% means that the production process functions in a perfectly efficient manner. This, however, is a theoretical maximum that is unattainable in reality. If one of the three factors scores optimally, the others may lag. In most manufacturing companies, these scores hover between 40-60%, which leaves much room for improvement. This is where WEMO’s Kaizen comes in.  

Through the World Class Maintenance Consortium, WEMO has been provided the opportunity to kick-start the project. In collaboration with FieldLab SAMEN, we expect significant and positive results. We will continuously focus on achieving a higher level of machine excellence while offering smart maintenance services, with all the benefits this brings for our customers.  

If you have any questions or suggestions, or are open to collaboration? Please, feel free to reach out to us at 





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