Expect the unexpected!

The production line is running at full speed to get orders out the door on time. Everything is under control until a small but critical component fails. The planning is thrown completely into disarray. You are familiar with this situation. This can lead to serious delays, damage to the line and potentially huge financial impact. Having your own stock of critical spare parts can significantly reduce such a risk.

Keeping parts in stock helps to reduce the duration of unexpected downtime. It is impossible to keep all parts in stock as this is a major investment and there are costs associated with keeping parts in stock. The best tip we can give here: Let’s look together at the impact the parts have on the entire production line.

Spare parts can be divided into several categories:

  • Vital parts:
    • Are bought regularly due to wear and tear and need to be replaced regularly.
  • Essential parts:
    • The failure must be fixed immediately, otherwise operation cannot be continued.
    • The failure is semi-serious, the operation can be continued but with a significant impact on speed, quality and/or safety.
  • Desirable parts:
    • Non-critical parts, can be tolerated (for a long time) in case of failure or breakdown.

WEMO helps from its enormous experience and dedication

The vital and essential parts naturally deserve attention and WEMO can be of service in the production and supply of these parts.  WEMO has over 55 years of experience in building machines. Many of the machines that are still running today were built 20 or even 30 years ago. WEMO’s service experience is impressive and is based on an installed base of more than 250 WEMO metalworking machines worldwide.

The advantages of keeping vital and essential spare parts in stock:

  • Increasing your total uptime
  • Preventing unnecessary downtime
  • Guarantee the availability of (critical) parts at your location
  • Only the highest quality parts

Let us help through our available stock, purchasing channels and own production so that you can manage the unexpected with spare parts in stock!

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