European e-commerce continuous to grow, logistics industry replaces stand-alone panel benders for fully automated panel bending lines

The logistics market in Europe continues to grow. Unprecedented consumer demand and consumer behavior  are a huge driver of more decentralized warehousing and thus a driver for more and more local warehouses. Warehousing has now become a crucial sector in today’s economy and is only going to continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Because of this development, the market for shelving and logistics storage systems is under pressure. Great news for companies within this sector!  Investing in further automation always pays off, also on the long term.   



Consumer behavior is shifting, reinforced by pandemic developments, more and more from offline to online purchases. The turnover of companies with only a web store  have been growing. For companies with a physical store and a web store, the growth is even greater. Online purchases are also increasingly crossing national borders. For example, a Dutchman buys increasingly easily from a German online provider and vice versa  the same .  Deliveries are expected to be faster (sometimes even on the same day) with larger quantities and diversity. To stay ahead, decentralized storage and local warehouses are  the best choice.   

On the other hand, we see that for producers of shelving and warehouse equipment factors like delivery speed, flexibility, scalability and  load capacity are becoming dominant factors.  Producers are moving towards even further automation and do not want a solution for the pressure now, but one that increases with further growth in the future. The stand- alone panel benders are being replaced by fully automatic panel bending lines that  will grow with the future. 

“We have been working together with WEMO since 2006. In our need for capacity expansion, flexibility, scalability and delivery speed, they have now developed and implemented 4 solutions for us to produce steel shelves. WEMO has always been able to meet our needs  in growth, and to maintain a compact footprint due to lack of space,” says   


automated shelving production line from coil

In the past, the purchase of a WEMO- line has been an obvious choice among industry leaders of shelving and warehouse systems. Smaller players are also presenting themselves because the potential with a fully automated punching, bending, clinching line is enormous. 


“At WEMO, we are currently experiencing payback periods of 2 years or less being realized with the purchase of fully automatic shelf- bending linesUnprecedentedAnd although the big players seem to be 

getting bigger and biggerthe exponential growth in this sector is an opportunity for any producer of shelving and warehouse systems, regardless of sales volume,” 

says Jeff Hagelen CEO of WEMO 

Developments that have been standard at WEMO for years – a high degree of automation, an incredibly high production capacity, combined with high flexibility, resulting in the best quality, with the lowest cost per shelf – have now become even more essential.   

To help our customers in these bizarre times, the demonstration panel bending line in our Experience Center is being used to overcome capacity challenges while new production solutions are being purchased and installed.  In doing so, together we ensure that our customers stay ahead of the curve.    

Are you about to invest in the shelving industry? And would you like to see for yourself how your shelf, with the lowest cycle time in the industry, is bent live by our panel bending line? Then we invite you to schedule your personal WEMO DEMO between September 20 and the end of October 2021.   

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