Sheet Metal Production Lines for Steel Cabinets

For the production of panels for Cabinets and Lockers, our fast production lines offer possibilities for products of various sheet thicknesses (0.5 to 2 mm). In combination with our standardised, modular construction, you can moreover easily expand your production process.

  • Stainless, pre-painted or laminated steel
  • 0.5 - 2 mm
  • 6 p/min

Steel Cabinets products

Our sheet metal production lines produce Steel Cabinets like Cupboards, Filing cabinets, Toolbox cabinets and Lockers from different materials, such as normal steel and pre-painted steel. This enables you to produce a wide range of cabinets. All panels can be separately produced. If necessary, the entire Steel Cabinet can be welded together with the help of a robot cell.

PBL-2550 for Steel Cabinets: The World's Fastest Panel Bender

With our sheet metal production lines, we can not only deliver a high productivity for the Shelving, but also a high flexibility for the complex doors and side panels with special door and catch shapes. Our sheet metal production lines deliver the highest output (up to 10 seconds per part). Our sheet metal production lines also delivers a logistical saving by the innovative production of different parts on the same line.


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Sheet Metal Production Line for Roller Shutter Boxes

The flexibility of WEMO production lines goes further than you think. Besides the standardised, modular options for our lines, we also offer you effortless applications for products with different sheet thicknesses (from 0.7 to 1.2 mm) and protective film if necessary. Moreover, the high output (up to 21 metres a minute) resulting in low costs per product speaks for itself.

  • (pre-painted) aluminium
  • 0.7 - 1.2 mm
  • 21 m/min


With WEMO production lines you can produce roller shutter boxes your own way. With different shapes - such as round, half-round and square or roller shutter boxes with an oblique angle - or with different lengths; from a minimum of 400 to a maximum of 7000 mm. The perfect bending tolerance means that the production lines can effortlessly process aluminium, bright or pre-painted sheets without scratches, and with or without protective film.

Production line for Roller shutter boxes

Our production lines deliver a high output of up to as much as 21 metres a minute. Our stand-alone rolling, press braking and bending line can moreover be easily integrated in your existing production process. The roller shutter boxes can be produced in any embodiment required and, depending on the total machine concept, can be produced in a batch size of one item. Just one single employee is needed for taking off the bent components.



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