Euroblech 2016, Hannover

WEMO at the Euroblech 2016

In 2017 WEMO will going to organize a Roadshow through Europe. We will use a big promotion trailer in which we will demonstrate our production lines, by means of an interactive experience, for Automotive, Shelves, Lockers/cabinets, Roller shutter boxes, Door frames, Steel doors and Elevator doors. This promotion trailer will also be used at the Euroblech 2016.

Brand new machine design concept 

We will also launch our brand new machine design concept.

Key benefits

  • Futuristic and recognizable design
  • No security fence needed
  • Reduced chance for filth on machine
  • Reduced sound level
  • Perfect view on Line process
  • Easily accessible for maintenance

Finally, we will launch an demo application of the Operator system of the future in association with the Microsoft Hololens.

The WEMO Euroblech application is an Mixed Reality (MR) App designed to inspire Euroblech visitors and show them the potential future of a digital operator system.

Key functions:

  • Digital control of production line
  • Static readout ( tasks, production time, produced, supply, tact time, status)
  • Remote expert assistance from WEMOCARE through Hololens
  • Live camera feed from inside the production line to follow the production process
  • Predictive maintenance analyse
  • Maintain: lubrication schedules, tool change instructions