Hotline support

Production is the highest priority for all our customers and WEMO understands exactly what that means. WEMO therefore provides 24/7 helpdesk support with prepared and experienced engineers on standby in case incidents occur.

WEMO systems are controlled by highly advanced software, this software can be accessed remotely by WEMO specialists over a secured VPN connection. WEMO can log in to perform a quick diagnosis and repair your system, avoiding long delays involved with providing telephone support or the need for an engineer to travel and provide on-site support.

1st line Service Desk (24x7)

  • 1st and main contact point for customers
  • Call intake and registration
  • Coordinate and manage all incoming incidents, problems, service requests and changes
  • Provide 1st line support, escalate if needed

2nd line service organisation (24x7)

  • WEMO specialist
  • System partners specialist
  • Provide 2nd line support, escalate if needed

3rd line service organisation (8x5 + best effort)

  • Expert engineering (programmers)
  • Development
  • Provide 3rd line support



The first priority of our helpdesk engineers is to get you operational again. When the root cause of the standstill cannot be found or solved easily, the operation will be resumed by implementing workarounds or other first aid actions. The second priority is to find and solve the root cause.

Based on the specific wishes, the right service level in terms of availability, response times and calls can be chosen and WEMO can organise the support needed.

Before handover, Service will get in contact to explain the different options and related service levels.