Upgrade and conversion

Always up-to-date

Time doesn't stand still. That also applies to the techniques and components of your WEMO machine components. For this we offer smart upgrade and conversion packages with which you can optimise your current machine. This keeps you up to date. Always.


Upgrading your (electronic) machine components starts with an accurate risk analysis. After all, these components are subject to ageing. You will want to prevent any machine outages, so this analysis, which is carried out by our experienced WEMO service engineer, will tell you exactly which machine components are suitable for a professional upgrade. Your machine will then be adapted in accordance with the current CE safety requirements. We also offer you the possibility of decreasing your energy consumption.


You will probably have felt the need for the conversion or adaptation of your machine components. Using the product specifications and drawings, we determine in mutual consultation which adaptations need to be carried out on your machine. You can have the entire process carried out by WEMO. WEMO is also at your service for a machine removal or displacement. The complicated removal is carried out by experienced specialists using an elaborate step-by-step plan.