Spare parts

Before the installation goes live, a spares package should be in place. WEMO provides a spare parts list which enables customers to choose the right package based on the combination of:

  1. Risk of part breakdown (e.g. location and vulnerability in the machine).
  2. Impact of part breakdown (e.g. capacity and quality reduction).
  3. Effort to resolve the breakdown (e.g. lead time of replacement delivery).

With this information, a decision can be made for the best combination based on budget and production impact. The location and the ownership of the spares can also be discussed. If there are multiple customers in a certain area with the need for the same spare parts, the costs for spares can be shared by organising a shared spares location, WEMO also offers consignment constructions and support in organising the stock to enable efficient spare parts management.

Spares replenishment can be guaranteed for the first 5 years. Because our installations far exceed these 5 operational years in almost all cases, WEMO will always offer support in finding retrofit solutions. In addition, our spares department has a large inventory of old parts (new and used) to support the older machines.