Additional services

In addition to the basic services as mentioned above, WEMO focuses on developing its services by continuously investing and gathering knowledge and experience from all our customers and turning this into services which could support our customers in areas which are not always directly related to machine technologies. WEMO therefore offers the following additional services portfolio:

Financial Consultancy Services

WEMO continuously collects data from the installed base machines and gathers information from customers, in order to be predictable when it comes to Life Cycle Costs. These experiences could help with questions regarding investment (total cost of ownership - TCO or Return on Investment - ROI), budgeting (Life Cycle Plans - LCP) and financial risks (warranty, loss of production, redundancy etc). As an OEM, WEMO is prepared to take over the financial risks of corrective maintenance in terms of the costs of parts and labour by offering several extended warranty solutions.

Changes and Improvements

We understand that business, technology and costs change over time and we are proud to see that the average lifetime of our machines is currently over 15 years. We therefore understand the need for changing, updating and improving. WEMO has developed the following services to answer these business needs:

Performance measurements

  • Tooling to measure the performance of the system and the process around it.

Process Engineering

  • Consultancy by experienced engineers to improve your system and process performance.

System upgrades

  • Modifications to change your system in line with new product/process requirements.
  • Retrofits to adjust the system to new safety/environmental/ergonomic regulations .
  • Revisions to bring the system back to its original performance.

If required, these services could lead to a new warranty, new CE marking, etc.

Checks and Inspections

Because the age of systems and the safety regulations change over time, WEMO has developed safety checks to investigate if the system is still meeting the current regulations regarding safety and ergonomics. A plan can be drawn up together with the customer on how to keep up with these changing regulations.

To ensure the highest operational performance, the competence of your operators and maintenance crew is essential. In practice, we see that keeping knowledge up to date is difficult because the systems are very reliable and people lose detailed technical knowledge because they don’t need to use it. Another common reason is that knowledge is lost through people leaving positions or the company. It is also very important for the WEMO Helpdesk to have people on the phone who can clearly describe the problem and the actions already taken to solve it.

WEMO therefore provides a competence check to measure the knowledge and experience of your operators and maintenance employees, to make this manageable.

WEMO is an environmentally conscious company, we try to reduce our carbon footprint internally by implementing all kind of improvements. We also try to motivate and support our customers in doing so. WEMO has therefore developed an energy check to investigate the possibilities for reducing your energy consumption. This could lead to financial benefits, but more importantly it allows us to work together to leave behind a healthy environment for our children.

Industry 4.0, Software, Tooling

Mostly it’s difficult to define how well the system is performing. Our OEE software delivers fact-based performance data with different possibilities to drill down in problem areas and root causes. The software is standardised, the real time information can be presented in management, technical and operational reports.

Nowadays, there are more and more possibilities for gathering component information regarding status and performance. WEMO has designed tooling for this, to create information from all the data delivered by the components used. Torques, speeds, cycle times, vibrations, temperatures can be measured and saved in a database, when certain thresholds are reached, alarms will pop up for the operators and/or maintenance personnel.

When machines and machine parks get bigger and more complex, we often see customers struggling with maintenance and management of spare parts. WEMO has developed a software solution for this which can be connected to performance management tooling and can be installed on all different types of systems (of all ages and from all suppliers). This software gives the exact information on which maintenance activities, maintenance schedules and spares inventories etc. are based.

Life Cycle Extension, Recycling

In our opinion, the lifetime of a WEMO system is everlasting. In our experience, the decision to tear down a system is always made because of changing business needs and never because the quality has reduced so far that upgrading is financially unprofitable.

In the event that the decision is taken that the system should be removed, WEMO is always open to providing support in this by safely removing the system and disposing of the components in an environmentally responsible manner. In many cases, we manage to find new owners who will give your old system a new life after some changes, upgrades and revisions. This also works for spares that are no longer needed.

WEMO will be very happy to provide you with further information about all the possibilities mentioned above.