Steel doors

A smart production line for all Steel Doors

Flexible production lines; that is the strength of WEMO. With our lines’ standardized, modular options, we also offer you effortless applications for Steel Doors with different sheet thicknesses (up to 1.5 mm). With the high output (up to 2 complete doors per minute) we guarantee the lowest costs per product.

  • (stainless) steel
  • <1.5 mm
  • 2 p/min

Steel Doors products

From Steel fire doors, industrial doors and rebated doors to flush-mounted doors: with the WEMO production lines you can produce Steel doors your own way. We offer you the option of Steel doors with or without a punched window aperture. This also includes embossed panel doors. The perfect bending tolerance enables the production lines to process steel and stainless steel effortlessly.

Steel Doors Production line

Our production lines deliver a high output of up to as much as 2 Steel Doors a minute. The Doors consist of two parts; the casing (A) and the cover (B). The batch production A-B-A-B is one of the standard programming functions of this line. The bending process is monitored by a bend angle error correction system in our production line. Thanks to the modular construction, we are able to always guarantee perfect parallelism of the steel doors. Just one single employee is needed for taking off the bent components.

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3D animation of the Production process of Steel doors

The video below describes the Production process how to produce a Steel door every 30 seconds.

Other production line videos


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