Sheet Metal Production Lines for Indoor Luminaires

Our production lines for the lighting industry offer you countless flexible solutions for the most diverse lighting products. Moreover, our production lines deliver the highest output against the lowest costs. To achieve this, we make use of a revolutionary bending technique, so that changing tools and adjusting the line is no longer necessary. Thanks to our modular line programme, any extensions required can be easily implemented. 

  • pre-painted material
  • < 0.4 mm
  • 7 p/min

Indoor Luminaires Products

For lighting fixtures, fitting boxes and flush-mounted boxes for fluorescent lighting to LED light boxes and mirror reflectors; WEMO builds unique and flexible production lines for the lighting industry. By making use of for instance a unique punching template for LED light boxes, no extra steel components need be supplied. You make the difference with our production lines. Resulting in more products for less money.

Sheet Metal Production Lines for Indoor Luminaires

Our production lines offer unique solutions for plenty of applications. From flexible punching and bending, an integrated clinching process (precise and lightproof corners) and scratch-free processing of pre-painted material to processing thin material of up to 0.4 mm and automatically pressing out clips from the base material. Moreover, the cost price does not depend on the order size; even a batch size of 1 item is an option. Our production lines can achieve an output of up to 7 products a minute.


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