Sheet Metal Production Lines for Boiler Covers

Low costs per product. Smart lines with several possibilities for maximising your production of boiler casings in the heating industry. Resulting in lower costs per product. For this we designed production lines which you can fit in entirely with your own objectives. This is where we make the difference. In quality, in output and in your economic value.

  • pre-painted material
  • 0.6 – 0.9 mm
  • 2 - 5 p/min

Boiler Covers Products

Our fully-automatic punching and bending lines make boilers, sheeting for central heating boilers and designer radiator covers in the heating industry. The lines can be simply extended for making fixing components and connections. Our punching and bending lines can process products scratch-free from pre-painted material. This means that combining with a painting process is completely unnecessary.

Production line for Boiler Covers in the heating industry

Flexible production demands flexible lines. For instance, our punching and bending lines for making casings in the heating industry. With these fully-automatic lines, it is possible to add fixing components or connections. In combination with the high output (of 2 boilers to as much as 5 casings per minute), this results in a direct saving of production costs.

WEMO references for production lines for the heating industry

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