Sheet Metal Production Lines for Electrical Enclosures

Optimizing your production targets starts with high quality smart sheet metal production lines. For this we make punching and bending lines which can produce several products simultaneously. For instance, the Casing, Mounting plate as well as the Doors of Electrical Enclosures. This added value offers solutions with which you can optimize your production. For today and tomorrow.

  • (stainless) steel
  • >2mm
  • 4 p/min

Electrical Enclosures products

Electrical low and high voltage enclosures (up to 2 mm thick) are constructed of casing and covers with special bending (cabinet depths up to 400 mm from one piece) in which different fixing components and safety components are mounted. Our production lines can automatically add these products, leading to direct savings in your production process. In combination with the high output (up to four products per minute) our added value speaks for itself.

Production lines for Electrical Enclosures

WEMO designs unique and flexible solutions for the production of casing and covers for Electrical Enclosures in the electronics industry. These fully-automatic punching and bending lines deliver a high output against low costs. By automatically adding fixing components and connections, our production lines ensure substantial savings. In combination with the superior quality (100% closed corners), this ensures continual optimisation of your production process.


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