Ceiling Tiles

High quality in accordance with the most recent standards

WEMO production lines produce Ceiling Tiles up to a length of 3500 mm and a width of 1250 mm. Here, facet bent corners are seamlessly drawn in an innovative manner. These high quality production lines are suitable for processing aluminium, steel and stainless steel. The high output of our production lines guarantees the lowest costs per product.

  • aluminium or (stainless) steel
  • 7 x 1.5m
  • 8 p/min

Ceiling Tiles Products

WEMO production lines produce ceiling tiles up to as much as seven metres long. All types of perforated tiles can be processed. The production lines offer you total freedom in all product shapes and all ceiling tiles are produced in accordance with the TAIM standard.

Ceiling Tiles Production Line

Our production lines produce fully-automatically – so without manual adjustment for length, width or height – from a production capacity of one item. Moreover, the production lines process all types of perforated tiles. With these lines we offer you quality, flexibility and modularity. These production lines can be simply extended with other applications thanks to the standardisation of our modules.

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