Takeover of punch brackets by EM

Ebbers Metalworks

Since 1964 WEMO Nederland B.V. has been an established market presence in the field of punching units. For strategic reasons, WEMO has decided to transfer the knowledge and experience it has built up over the past 50 years to its competitor and colleague in this sector: Ebbers Metalworks B.V. in Doetinchem.

This means WEMO can focus even more intensively on the development and production of custom-made high-speed machines - the specialism with which it has earned a global reputation over many years.

WEMO has every confidence that Ebbers Metalworks (EM) is an excellent partner for the supply of all your punch brackets and accessories. Since 2011, EM has been the manufacturer/supplier of the GEMA® punch brackets and accessories. The takeover of the WEMO punch bracket operations means that EM now becomes your one-stop supplier for punch brackets and punch bracket operations.

Since March 2012 EM has had a webshop, www.ponsbeugels.nl, for all GEMA punch brackets and spare parts and with effect from 1 May it shall include all standard WEMO punch brackets and accessories. As well as all the technical information here you can also find information about prices and delivery times (standard 3 to 7 working days) for all products.

WEMO would like to take this opportunity to thank very much all its loyal and long-standing punching unit customers.

About WEMO

WEMO International B.V. develops, builds and installs, production machines and tools for punching, bending and joining of sheet and coil material.
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