World’s fastest and most flexible production lines for sheet metal processing

WEMO designs, builds, sells and services fast and flexible production lines for processing sheet metal: punching, bending, joining and software.


We want to turn our customer into winners. This is what drives us. Every day.

We have in-depth knowledge of your market.

With this knowledge and your business case we can realize customer specific solutions (modular & customized).

A guaranteed lowest cost per panel solution.

We strive for the highest achievable solution, in everything we do.

We believe in great partnership and therefore go for a long-term collaboration.

Because of the modular structure of our solutions, they can easily grow with the future of your production process.

We make automated production lines for these beautiful companies



Brabantia purchases another sheet metal punching machine to produce a new line of rectangular bins

As of June, Brabantia has a new WEMO punching line in production at the production facility in Overpelt, Belgium. Conversations about this project started in...